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I always thought it was Joey.


So Lance Bass came out. His career is about to skyrocket.

Too bad he's not that cute.

July 5.

Today would have been 51.


Screen on the Green!

So...Leo's going to join us.

I dig Leo. He's cool to chat with, but I don't think it's going to go anywhere. On his end, at least. I could be wrong. Hope I am, cause he's chill as shit.

I'm trying to stay cool, though, considering I don't want to make a fool of myself by getting all flirty with him or whatever. That's not my stilo. No sir/ma'am.

I need to do my hair.

This song I'm listening to is the bomb.com. Glad I borrowed this CD from Kelvin.

Heed the Omen.

So today started off like any other day. I layed in my bed until around 12ish watching tennis/playing tennis video games and doing my own thing. Called Jason. Ate at O'Charley's, went about our business. Also rented the second Underworld movie, and TransAmerica. I had already seen the second Underworld movie, so I just texted/IMed people through that. It's what I do. Haven't watched TransAmerica yet, but it looks pretty good. Hopefully it's good enough for me using my free rental card that I snagged from the job.

Austin(malchikgay) came home last weekend and stayed through. That was a wonderful change of pace, and I guess I needed that. It's always fun hanging out with someone who kind of has the same mindset as you do, and can convey things better than most of your other friends can. I guess that's why he's the best friend, but enough of the mushy shit.

I've been rather upset with a few select individual(s) as of late, and I'm trying to find a way to address these concerns to said people, without looking or sounding like the most hateful/vindictive person alive. I never know if it's just these people, or my dwindling tolerance level that's making me almost snap. I need to dip it, pop it, twork it, stop it, check on that tonight. I swore to myself that I would never put myself in said position ever again, and look what I did. I did that. Oh well. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, I guess. Just know the next time you loan someone money, and they use said money that was supposed to be owed to you to buy people who don't give two shits about them exorbitant gifts, they're not willing to help themselves, despite the numerous upon numerous conversations about their...'situation'. It's not a call out, it's just the truth.

Moving along from that, Austin and I also made the decision to audition for the Amazing Race. As the typical gay best friends who 'don't sleep with one another', only we really don't.

I'm going to heed the Omen tonight! With Jason, Angelyn, Derek, J.B., and others. I think.

Can I get my MySpace back?

So I'm at Lenox Mall today, and I get a call from a strange number. Of course, I pick it up, and its girl, Tomika that I know through this other guy, Craig, in my neighborhood. She found my MySpace. Asked about the whole gay thing. I confirmed. Oh god. The screams, all of that take place.

Pretty sure my family will find out soon. Oh well.

I re-opened my checking account at Wachovia. I'm all growed up now and shit. I love it. I have money and everything. It feels good.

I need a second job, or something.

Look at my bored ass.

Seriously. I need a second job. Or a boyfriend. Or something to further prevent events like this.

Taylor Hicks won American Idol.

Paris was robbed. I will hold that opinion until the day I die.

I'm suddenly in a FOUL mood. I don't know what happened. Probably just need some sleep or something.

Did nothing today. Hung out with Austin most of the day, which consisted of playing video games and listening to fat ladies complain about 3 for 10 DVDs and how the signage and marketing are misleading. And of course, eat, because that's all 20somethings in Suburban Atlanta can ever do is eat.

Masquerade tomorrow. Yay(?)(!) Not sure how to feel about that. I get to kick it with the gays, though. That's always fun.

It's hot up in this boot chain.

Joyce needs to quit being ridiculous about this air conditioner. All the others in the house are thinking of building a pool of money to give to her to keep the air conditioning on.

I'm even sweating. I hate sweating. I hate being hot. I feel like Miss Celie down at the Juke Joint.

I'm off the next two days, but broke as all hell. Not that great, man. Maybe my income tax check will come in today, and I can roll in the dough at that point. Just maybe. I would ask Joyce for a loan, but I don't want to do that. Maybe I'll get my money from Brandi.

That's it. I'll get my money from Brandi.

I'm still hungry. Damn.
None whatsoever. Most of time, I get to start typing, then lose motivation, or my phone rings, or something dumb like that happens.

Anyway. This past month has been quite an interesting set of events. Do I remember them all? Of course not. Between the super queer Laguna Beach parties, the nights at Jason's apartment basically memorizing the scripts to Will and Grace and QAF(yeah guys, it doesn't happen like that. Ever.), and work, I've forgotten alot. Maybe. Sure I have. Either that, or all of it is so damn old, that there would no point in bringing it up. But I do remember one interesting story that happened last Thursday.

So I added this guy Leo on MySpace a while back. We chat on occasion, nothing too fantastic, but we have some things in common. Mainly watching Living Single and wishing we had a woman like Maxine Shaw in our lives. We're always at the Masquerade for 80's night, but always miss each other or I miss him, and he never says anything to me, because he's shy. He gives me his phone number, and tells me to call the next time I go. So last week, the regular crew along with the guest appearance by the BFF4L Austin go to Masquerade, and I call Leo. He shows up. It's all good. We dance and shit, talk and shit, it's going fine. I'm having a good time and all that with this dude. It's nothing romantic, no, but it's damn fun to dance with a new friend.

Hips Don't Lie comes on. I'm not the biggest fan of this song, but I'll dance to it. Leo and I are doing our thing to the jam, and then, out of nowhere, TO MY HORROR, this guy comes up and starts grinding all over Leo. I'm talking all up in homeboy's cheese dip. I'm try not to be an overtly possessive person about this kind of thing, but damn, show a brother some respect. That could be my husband. This could be our anniversary. I could be carrying his baby girl. You don't know the circumstances, so ease up, bro.

To make matters worse, while said cock block was dancing behind Leo, his friends not only cheer him on fervently, but they proceed to try to cut between myself and Leo. My homies are nowhere to be found, which was quite surprising, considering two of them are pushing or at 6'3". That's right folks, you heard it here first. I was attacked and rushed by what I will refer to as a CBTS. A Cock Block Tactical Squad. They set their target, set their picks, ran reconnaissance, made battle plans, moved in, stick, move, stick again, move again. These sons of bitches were slick, too, the way they danced on in and all of that, had me all interested and intrigued into what they were all about. These clown fools were better than your average navy seal. The main homeboy kept trying to feel up Leo, and Leo was not having it. Kept taking his hand off, and putting mine on him(which is odd, because that is not my style, not that I ever dance with guys or anything enough to develop a style or habit of what I do when I do.), and actions like that until that song and two others were off. They got the point and left the scene. Yeah son. It's my town now.

After that, Austin, Brandi and I spot a girl in the corner gyrating all over the wall and swinging her long white girl hair everywhere, wearing a gold digger shirt as if she were a video ho. She danced for two songs, got tired and left. What? Excuse me miss? I officially declared that video hos don't get tired, and expressed that rage aloud to everyone else. They thought it was funny. I mean seriously. Did you see Karrine Steffans panting for breath when she was dropping it for Mystikal, or Usher? She didn't. She kept the beat going. She kept the set live. Her jeans fit.

It's decided that we all leave, and Leo and I go outside to chat it up, he runs into a friend, I talk to all of mine, we giggle a lot, and he leaves. Insert the "oooh girl, he was cute.", "Robert's got a man, so maybe he'll quit cussing us out." ad lib, and we leave. I text message him on the way home, saying I had a great time, and he says the same, and that he wants to hang out again soon. Alright. Cool. Ch-ch-check it out.

The next day, after work, I'm kicking it at Jason's with all the boys, and I send Leo a message to start a little chat, then I go in for the kill and ask him on a date. Silence.

Damn, this is awkward. Several hours later, he said he had fallen asleep, and never really gave me a clear answer, but it should like a no. I'm not hurt by any means, just a little embarrassed that I misinterpreted something again, maybe? Sure. I'll say that. Nothing to crash and burn over, though. Hopefully we can still kick it, though, he was chill.

Completely random, but I love the new Mariah Carey song/video.

And I'm hungry as hell. Deuce.

I know I haven't updated in awhile.

But brother is fine. And I just added him on MySpace. I GOT to have a date with him.

BTW, my new love in life is Can't Get A Date. Love that damn show.

Detailed entry at some point. License test tomorrow!